Kate Greenwood

Greenwood Designs
Molong, NSW

What do you make?

I hand-make a range of earrings, necklaces and keyrings using a variety of materials including polymer clay and leather. The process is slow but so rewarding. Our hand-made line compliments the other Greenwood Designs (GD) accessory lines that include beautiful scarves, leather clutches, statement earrings and clothing. We pride ourselves on the high quality and design of our products and ensure every product that leaves our workshop meets that level of quality. Our customers expect that of us, and we expect that of ourselves!

What do you want customers to know about you and/or your work/product/business?

My business is located in Molong, Central West NSW. Our small team of six women thrive on offering stylish, fun and affordable pieces that put a smile on our customer’s faces! Between us, we have different styles and creative ideas but every piece in our collection is carefully thought-out and goes through a vigorous “would we want that in our own wardrobe?” test. At GD we believe high-quality fashion should be affordable to everyone and our prices reflect that philosophy.

Where do you draw inspiration?

My inspiration comes from the beautiful sights, smells and colours that I am surrounded by. Molong and our close neighbour, Orange, enjoys four very distinct seasons so we really get to live and breathe spectacular colours palettes throughout the year. The flowers, trees and landscape coupled with the amazing food and wine scene we are lucky enough to have on our doorstep – how could you not be inspired by that?!

What are your hopes for your business/work/practice?

I would love to see GD continue to grow from strength to strength and hopefully grow our team parallel to that. It has been so much fun going to work every day with so many creative and vibrant women and I love that we can bring a little piece of that sparkle to women all over the world through our collections.

Where do you live? Tell us about your place/community

I couldn’t love where I live more to be honest! Molong is a proud rural center that encapsulates the very best of the Australian spirit. It’s one of those places where the people celebrate the achievements of the community but at the same time are always there to support and nurture you when times aren’t so easy. During the last couple of years I have especially felt the “we’re all in this together” sentiment as we faced some of the toughest drought conditions of our generation. From farmers, to small business, to schools and beyond we bonded together and, I believe, are all the more resilient because of the experience.

What is it like making/creating from a rural/remote community? (are there particular challenges or joys?)

The first couple of years of starting GD were a little isolating. I went from a corporate position in Orange surrounded by noise and people to the confines of my living room! Life was crazy and hectic but at the same time very silent! I look back on those days now and wonder how on earth I got through them sane (well sane enough!).

My drive to persevere came from my amazing, supportive customers and the absolute joy it gave me when I made something they loved as much as I did! I still get that same butterfly feeling today when someone tells me how much they love one of our products. I feel so lucky that I get to operate within a small, supportive rural community but at the same time be so connected to people from all over the world.

How has BFTB impacted your business?

Honestly the impact of BFTB was significant and mind-blowing and continues to be. When I went to Sydney to exhibit at the BFTB Christmas markets I was reduced to tears at the number of people who came out in force in support simply because they wanted to help their mates in the bush. Their gesture, whilst simple to them, made a huge impact to bush-based businesses all over the country. From a business perspective as a result of this initiative and the subsequent business growth, we have been able to recruit two extra full-time staff and also provided a number of part-time employment opportunities to local women in the Molong district. So it’s sort of come full circle!

I am, and forever will be, grateful for the experience, customers and connections the BFTB campaign has brought to my business.

What does it mean to you when a customer decides to purchase your product? How do you celebrate?

It doesn’t matter how many earrings, keyrings or scarves I sell, I still absolutely get a kick out of someone purchasing one of our products. It’s not lost on me how fortunate I am to do something that I love and I am very, very thankful to every single customer for making that happen.

At GD, we make a point to send all of our customers a card (and sometimes a gift!) with each purchase thanking them for their support. And of course we remember to celebrate as a team with a sneaky vino or two when we reach significant sales numbers! You’ve got to celebrate the wins!

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