Emma Menzies

Em Menzies Art
Dubbo, NSW

What do you make? I paint stunningly colourful impressionistic style portraits of girls. Each girl is given a name and three words to describe her personality upon completion. I also sell prints and cards of my girls.

What do you want customers to know about you and/or your work/product/business? My beautiful quality paintings, prints (each print is embossed with my logo) and cards are designed to put happiness into homes! My business is a side hustle which keeps me very busy!

Where do you draw inspiration? I grew up out the “Back o’ Bourke,” three hours from the closest town. I was surrounded by women who did the work of men, had limited social outings and reared children amidst drought and isolation. These women always inspired me; beneath the red dust was always a feminine girl!

What are your hopes for your business/work/practice? I hope my business continues to grow and my girls continue to put happiness into homes.

Where do you live? Tell us about your place/community I live 10kms from Dubbo in Western NSW. We also have a small rural business in Warren NSW.

What is it like making/creating from a rural/remote community? (are there particular challenges or joys?) Creating from a rural area provides peace and tranquility! I couldn’t ask for a better place to create!

How has BFTB impacted your business? Over the Christmas period last year, I certainly received more product sales as a result of BFTB.

What does it mean to you when a customer decides to purchase your product? How do you celebrate? It means so much to me when a customer decides to make a purchase. I still feel so grateful that people choose to love my girls. I love it when customers send me a gorgeous message saying how much happiness their girl has brought them once she has been hung in her special spot! They let me know how she has settled in and how she watches over them (and keeps their secrets!) I celebrate by using the sale to help me purchase more beautiful paints and products to continue creating gorgeous girls.

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