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Melissa Thomas

Washpool Skin Wellness
Ballandean, QLD

Ten years ago Melissa started Washpool Skin Wellness as the purest labour of love. Living in a harsh western Queensland environment, her childrens’ skin was often dry and wind burnt. Melissa noticed supermarket brand products were not soothing their skin and she started experimenting with making her own soaps and balms using naturally clean, low tox ingredients. With an expanding loyal customer base, Washpool eventually outgrew the farmhouse kitchen before taking a big step into the storefront and workshop in Ballandean.

In early 2019, the usually bustling Granite Belt region, known for its' Apples, Grapes & Wine Tourism, was ravaged by drought, bushfires and extreme water shortage. Melissa Thomas' family business was very close to turning off the lights. Sales at their storefront in Ballandean had dropped off a cliff as smoke encapsulated the area and the only traffic passing through town were water tankers tracking back and forth trying to keep people, livestock and crops alive.

It was grim and pyschologically devastating. Jump forward to October 2019 when Buy From The Bush launched and Washpool Skin Wellness was featured on the BFTB social media account. In that first month Washpool Skin Wellness had a surge of sales - 265% from the month before.

Today Melissa's business employs all five members of her family along with half a dozen other locals from their community. The soaperie in Ballandean on Queensland’s Granite Belt tourist track is a 'must visit' for good reason, but in times of border closures and slumps in visitor numbers Melissa is able to keep her business growing thanks to online sales with Buy From The Bush customers.

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