Victoria Porter

Banjo & Co
Walgett, NSW

What do you make?

Using natural fabrics, I create classic household linens for both table and bed, using natural fabrics - sheets, pillowslips, tablecloths and napkins.

What do you want customers to know about you and/or your work/product/business?

Banjo & Co Home was born out of the drought in Western NSW in 2019. Our products are traditional in design and all Australian-made using natural fabrics to offer years of exceptional quality and pleasure.

Where do you draw inspiration?

My inspiration for the collection derives from my childhood. I was fortunate to live surrounded by beautiful table and bed linen while I was growing up in the city. Textiles continued to be a source of inspiration as I travelled internationally during my teens and twenties.

What are your hopes for your business/work/practice?

I am excited to share my products with customers both city and country based so they too can enjoy living with and using quality everyday household linens that give them pleasure.

I also hope to raise awareness that Australian-made linens are both of a high standard and affordable.

Where do you live? Tell us about your place/community

I live in Walgett, Western NSW. It’s a small community of approx. 2000 people. I moved here from the Kimberley region of Western Australia to join my husband.

What is it like making/creating from a rural/remote community? (are there particular challenges or joys?)

Working in a rural location often means working in isolation so the joy I continually experience is the communication with my customers. Their support gives me so much encouragement when I am experiencing frustrations due to my remote location – NBN, sourcing supplies, delays in shipping etc!

How has BFTB impacted your business?

BFTB has been by my side since starting Banjo & Co Home – thank you!

I’m hugely grateful for their support and more importantly the exposure they have placed on rural businesses during the drought. In recent months, the ongoing recognition of talented creators has increased awareness of the role of rural Australian businesses in our economy.

What does it mean to you when a customer decides to purchase your product? How do you celebrate?

Receiving an order lifts my spirits – it’s the same emotional response 12 months into starting my business. It’s an affirmation that our product range has found a place in someone’s home (and hopefully their heart!).

I am very grateful for the acknowledgement of the work that has been gone into designing, sourcing, manufacturing and marketing the product the client has purchased from my bush based business.

My Products

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