Kat Porter

The Rural Trader
Nevertire, NSW

What do you make?

The Rural Trader Ceramic Candles.

What do you want customers to know about you and/or your work/product/business?

Bush girl banker by day and crazy candle maker by night!

Where do you draw inspiration?

The raw natural beauty of our farm at Nevertire, and my family farm at Hay.

What are your hopes for your business/work/practice?

I am launching The Rural Trader bricks and mortar store in 2021 which I hope is a hub for everyone in the area to enjoy!

Where do you live? Tell us about your place/community Nevertire, NSW. We have the most amazing and supportive community. Moving here was the best decision I ever made.

What is it like making/creating from a rural/remote community? (are there particular challenges or joys?)

Big wins for being a rural maker is that nobody would know I have a candle factory operational in our shoe box cottage. Cons is that I have literally taken over the entire house and the postman isn’t as frequent as I would like!

How has BFTB impacted your business?

It has definitely embedded a sense of inclusion in our community as it has brought together local makers and bricks & mortar stores together to embrace and showcase our creativity on a national scale.

What does it mean to you when a customer decides to purchase your product? How do you celebrate? Pure happiness and excitement! Celebrating is usually at the Nevertire Hotel!

My Products

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