Danielle with her mother smiling

Danielle Jenkins

Canowindra, NSW

From: My Mum and I live in Canowindra and Cargo, both are small towns west of Orange. We love our community and being able to support other small business such as the local coffee shop and the post office. The town is like a big warm hug, and we are so grateful for the support we receive.

Inspired by: The beautiful country we call home and all our native flora and fauna. We collaborate with artists to pull together our collections, and Mum and I mix and blend our own fragrances to deliver something unique and beautiful.

Hopes for Meeraboo: We have been dreaming of our own studio since we started our business, and less than a month ago, we moved in!! We are now working towards being stocked Australia-wide.

How has BFTB impacted your business? Being a part of BFTB has changed our business. 12-months ago we were considering closing down, but because of BFTB, we had a big injection of sales and confidence that we had something special. Our business has gone from strength to strength, and BFTB really shone a light on our business, giving us the confidence we needed to continue building our business and keeping the momentum going.

What is it like making your products from a rural setting? Creating in a rural/remote community does have its challenges for sure. For example, we only have pick up once a week for courier services and our stock orders often go walk about because of the confusing regional google maps situation! OH, and the internet and phone reception!! But, the joys far outweigh the challenges. Our studio window overlooks our property which is now glorious and green thanks so a little rain. We have SPACE…so much space!!

What people should know about Meeraboo: Everything is hand made with love. Our candles are hand poured by my Mum. My mother-in-law packages all our candles, and my husband and I hand pack each box for online and wholesale orders. We do a lot of promotion in this regard, as some stockists still ask us to check with our warehouse or 3PL for their order. I had to google what 3PL meant!! What we do is so special, and we do it with so much joy. I pinch myself daily over how lucky we are.

What does it mean to you when someone buys your product? We have two sides to our business, the online and the wholesale side. When we get a new stockist, we do a little dance and chant “We got a stockist in…..” on repeat. Our online side, both mine and Mum’s phone make a brrrring sound and we often send each other emoji’s or do a little happy dance. We have been overwhelmed with the support, and every order is so appreciated and packed with love.

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