Clancy Paine

Narromine, NSW

Clancy's photography features throughout the BFTB Marketplace

From: Narromine, Central West NSW. Population 3500. We live a 20 minute drive from town and enjoy the best of both worlds. We are far enough out that only friends visit and close enough to run in daily if need be. I love where I live. I can park out front of the supermarket and leave the kids in the car to fly into the bank. We have amazing neighbours and family close by. I couldn’t want for more raising a young family.

Creates: Photographic prints. Framed and unframed. Images that capture the beauty and spirit or Regional and Rural Australia.

Inspired by: My children, colour, the landscape and others in the creative space. My children encourage me daily me to see the opportunity in everything, the beauty in any occasion and the good in absolutely everyone. This is my approach to my subjects. The landscape of remote Australia can be harsh and trying at noon, come low light and there is no where in the world more beautiful.

Hopes for the business? If I had to work for nothing id take photographs. So already I feel so blessed to do what I do. As our children grow (we have four children), and all attend school I wish to pursue more photographic opportunities, increase my product line and offer wholesale option.

Thoughts on living and working remotely: If you’re in the creative space and live remotely there is so much opportunity nowadays with technology and social media to connect us all so virtually we’re not remote at all! There is always an element of travel for me to pursue a shoot. Often I work from home too so that’s handy and I can work it in to suit children etc. Meeting cool people is my greatest joy, everyone has a back story and something to offer.

How has BFTB impacted your business? BFTB has launched me to an audience id never reach alone. The old saying if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together was made for this campaign. I am not great at self promotion, naturally I’m a shy person and avoid the spotlight so BFTB Market Place is great point of sale for me. BFTB has exposed my work to an audience far and wide and has championed me along the way. This affiliation has bolstered my confidence professionally and personally. Because of BFTB my sales increased, interest has grown and doors have opened.

What does it mean to you when a customer decides to purchase your product? How do you celebrate? Someone purchasing my work means everything. My product is photographed in rural Australia, printed in regional Australia and framed using Tasmanian Oak. Sales for me creates work for others. Purchasing my work allows our kids to see me (Mum) kicking goals in an industry I’m passionate about. It sets the bench mark for our children to work hard, strive for excellence and pursue dreams. Remote living may have once restricted ones dreaming however now opportunites await! I celebrate with a big grin and lots of gratitude.

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