Brenda Pumfrey

Wattle & Hide
Clermont, QLD

What do you make?

I make genuine leather baby booties and accessories. They range from sizes newborn to 18 months old. Being soft soled, the booties are perfect for pre walkers. My hope for these little shoes is that they are passed down through families through generations just like they were in my family.

What do you want customers to know about you and/or your work/product/business?

I designed my baby booties in the early 90s when our eldest daughter was young. At the time I wasn't able to find soft soled shoes suitable for her, especially in a rural area. From there, I started selling booties in my local community with great success. When two more baby girls came along there was no longer the time to make and sell my creations. It wasn’t until 2016 that Wattle & Hide was born, and I started creating my original designs. My handmade business is run solely from our home in Clermont.

Where do you draw inspiration?

I draw inspiration from the surrounding area in which I live. Most of the colours in my range have a strong connection to the rural landscape. I always listen to customer suggestions and constructive feedback is very important to the progression of my business.

What are your hopes for your business/work/practice?

At the moment, my business operates from my dining room table! As Wattle & Hide is growing so rapidly, my hopes for the business are to build a dedicated studio to work from and perhaps a bricks and mortar store one day. I love connecting with customers in our local community and to be able to do so every day would be a dream!

Where do you live? Tell us about your place/community

I live in Clermont, Central Queensland with my husband and daughters. Clermont is a small community of approximately 2,000 people and is centered around the agriculture and mining industries. We have lived here all of our lives and have experienced firsthand the wonderful community spirit and support that comes with living in a small country town.

What is it like making/creating from a rural/remote community? (are there particular challenges or joys?)

Getting to know customers personally at community events.

Challenge receiving supplies sometimes due to distance from metropolitan areas.

How has BFTB impacted your business?

BFTB has had an incredible impact on my business! in the 24 hours following Wattle & Hide’s feature in the BFTB campaign we received more orders than in the previous 12 months! This was a turning point for the business. Since then, I have sent made booties for little people all over the country and overseas! I am so grateful for the work that Buy From the Bush does for small country businesses like mine. Buy From The Bush has put Wattle & Hide “on the map”. I received phone calls and emails from Australian and international magazine companies, unfortunately, I had to decline the offers due to such a significant increase in demand after being featured on the Buy From The Bush page.

What does it mean to you when a customer decides to purchase your product? How do you celebrate?

When a customer purchases one of my creations, it is the greatest compliment. I take great pride in my work and it is wonderful when someone else appreciates the love and time that has gone into creating my products. When an order is received, I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside, I cannot believe how much Wattle & Hide booties are loved.

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