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OK here's the thing. We are like your cheerleaders. We want you to kill this!

BFTB Big Break wants to help turn your idea in to a cracking business reality that helps rural Australia to thrive! You don't have to be high-tech to enter this competition! You just need to step outside your comfort zone and in front of your mobile phone! Here's our team's top tips for nailing your pitch!

Here's what we are looking for:

  • A great idea with commercial appeal
  • A business idea that will deliver a positive impact to your local community
  • An engaging, informative pitch that hooks us in and tells the story of you/your idea/your potential

So what can I pitch?
BFTB Big Break is for businesses at all stages of their life cycle! It may be just an idea that needs funding to materialise. It may be that you already have a proof of concept but now you want to take your product/service to market and need some cashola to launch it. Or, you might already have a business and you want to scale up. We are here for it! Below are some examples of pitch ideas (this is not exhaustive but just a guide).

  • Launching a product/service
  • Expanding your product line
  • Developing a website/channel to market that will allow you to reach new customers
  • Developing/implementing a marketing plan
  • A key hire that will take your business to the next level
  • An event or subscription service

What do I need to include in my pitch?

  • Tell us about your idea.
  • Describe how your product/service/idea solves a problem for your customer.
  • Prove that there is demand for your idea. (Think about market size, if you already have some customers/traction or the potential of your idea).
  • Tell us what this prize money will do for your business. Be specific! How will you use it and what growth milestones will it allow you to hit.
  • Tell us how the success of your business will have a positive impact on your community (or rural Australia)?

What makes a good pitch?

  • Be confident, creative but don't forget the detail.
  • Make us care about your idea!
  • Practice!!!! We want to see that you have prepared your pitch and can clearly deliver the key points in a succinct and engaging way. There's no time for fluff!

Below are some links to great resources around pitching but please remember, we are not scary big investors. There is no clear cut formula! We want to hear an authentic, engaging and impressive pitch from you!

  1. Listen: Pitch Please Podcast - the do's and don'ts of pitching
  2. Read: Article -Why Small Business Need More Than One Elevator Pitch
  3. Watch: Sprout Kitchens Pitch at Foodbytes
  4. Watch: Edwina Sharrock from Birth Beat on Shark Tank
  5. Watch: Grace gives a pitch for her startup business in 2018

What about the Instagram Reel?
If you are shortlisted, this is the part of your entry which will be shared on the BFTB socials. It will be the hook that draws people in and encourages them to vote for you to win the People's Choice Award. After seeing your reel, you want the audience to visit our competition page, watch your pitch video and vote for you!

These days, consumers make up their mind very quickly about whether they care about what you are selling. A typical elevator pitch is 30 seconds but an Instagram reel is 15 seconds. We want you to cut to the chase. Make us fall in love with your idea and want to vote for you in only 15 seconds! Please note: If you don't have access to Instagram, you can create a 15 seconds video and post it to Facebook. Make sure you tag us (@buyfromthebush @paypalau) in your video though. If you need more info, email us.

Think about the following:

  • Be entertaining, creative, engaging
  • Don't be afraid to be fun or humorous
  • Make your idea come to life
  • Stare down the camera and talk to us about your business OR film beautiful vision and use editing tools to add music and effects. It's totally up to you.
  • It doesn't have to be high tech but it must tell us the story of your brand/product/business/idea.
    More info on reels here or simply scroll reels on your insta account for some inspo.

Don't forget - this is how to enter:
1. Ensure you have read the eligibility criteria and the judging criteria (this will help direct your pitch).
2. Record a 2-3 minute pitch video on your mobile phone telling us why your business idea deserves to win the BFTB Big Break
3. Complete the entry form and include a link to your pitch video
4. Post an Instagram reel (15 seconds) to your Instagram grid that tells us the story of your pitch idea, tag @buyfromthebush, @paypalau and use the hashtags #buyfromthebush #BFTBbigbreak, #BFTBxPayPal. If you don't have access to Instagram, please post a 15 second video to your Facebook page and use the above tags.

Deadline for entry
All entries need to be submitted online by Monday 11th October 12pm AEST 2021

More Details
1. Check out the BFTB Big Break Terms and Conditions
2. Read the Eligibility Criteria
3. Read about the Judging process

Vote for People's Choice
Vote for your fave entry in the BFTB Big Break People's Choice Award. This is your chance to make sure your favourite wins the $15,000 BFTB Big Break People's Choice Award.

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