Annabelle Hickson

Galah Magazine
Tenterfield, NSW

From: A pecan farm west of Tenterfield, in a small but wonderful community.

Inspired by: Regional Australia

Hopes for Galah: It is validating for regional people, in the way it will represent them as interesting, diverse and clever people through stories that are not formulaic. I hope Galah will educate – as in shine a light on people doing wonderful things in the bush; connect and also inspire.

Thoughts on working in the bush: A few years ago I thought that books and magazines had to be made in city offices. But Galah is being put together on my kitchen table in the middle of nowhere. It is such an exciting time to live in the country. This is all possible!!

What people should know about Galah: Galah is a new, seasonal printed publication – a modern voice from the bush – more of a collectable book than a magazine.

Galah will seek out what is beautiful, interesting, thought provoking.

For the first time in a long time, more people are moving into Regional Australia than out of it. Galah wants to know why. Galah wants to document. Galah wants to celebrate.

I also want beautiful things to read that don’t need a PIN, that don’t flash or beep, that I can rest my coffee cup on, that I can stack up on the kitchen table, that I can give as a gift to a friend, that I can hold in the bath without fear of mild electrocution.

How do you celebrate when someone buys from you? With a dance of joy, an exhale of relief and and a drive to keep going, keep improving.

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