Women who inspire us every day

International Women's Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women, and has been formally celebrated for 111 years....

At BFTB we celebrate women and their achievements every day (97% of BFTB businesses are owned by women and form the backbone of BFTB...and are making a difference to rural communities around Australia and are our inspiration every single day). However, it is important to stop for a minute...while perhaps frantically folding washing before rushing to the bus to collect the kids...and reflect, and acknowledge some of those remarkable women who inspire us....

...Because we can - not just because a date on the calendar reminds us to.


Cara Peek, AgriFutures Rural Woman Award Winner, 20202. Founder Saltwater Country

As the Chair and Co-Founder of Saltwater Country, Cara is passionate about empowering Indigenous people to improve their social, emotional and economic wellbeing whilst building on the legacy of strength and resilience of Aboriginal stockmen and women.


Penny Ashby, Co-Founder of Women Behind Wool, Lady Kate Knitwear

In addition to her own fabulous knitwear range, Lady Kate Knitwear, Penny Ashby lives and breathes sustainable fashion. She is leading the charge in keeping the fashion industry accountable for ethical practises. Inspired by the Who Made My Clothes, Penny started the Who Grew My Clothes movement to give insight into the whole value chain of fashion, from farm to consumer. Women Behind Wool - was co-founded with Skye Manson.


Gabrielle Chan, Journalist and author of “Why you should give a f*ck about farming”

Gabi’s book explores something that impacts every human – how our food is grown and how the land is cared for. It sounds obvious, yet Australia has no food policy nor no national agriculture strategy. There are no farmers and others. If you eat or wear clothes, the decisions you make influence farming. ‘Eaters will be the ultimate arbiter of where and how food is grown and how the land is cared for … We all have a stake in the future of food and farming. I am going to show you why.’


Fiona Aveyard, Founder Outback Lamb

With a family farm dating back to 1886, Mother of five, Fiona Aveyard modestly states “we wanted to guarantee we had something to pass onto our children if they wanted to continue in the farming business.” In shaping their farming strategy, Outback Lamb was born and is firmly based in grass-fed production, regenerative pastures, value-adding and whole animal consumption. Today Outback Lamb is on track to be carbon neutral by 2030 and has grown to now supply to Harris Farm.

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