This Cocktail is the Bees Knees

The popular Bee's Knees is a classic Prohibition-era cocktail made with gin, lemon, and honey. It’s flavour is bright citrusy and lightly sweet...Let's be honest had the BFTB Team at 'made with gin'.

Here is Reed & Co Distillery's take on this cocktail classic, including the NEO New World Yuzu Gin. Enjoy with your family and friends this Easter!

60ml NEO Gin
15ml Honey Syrup
30ml Fresh Lemon Juice
Dash of Ginger Bitters
Ice cubes

Honey Syrup
1 cup of Walkabout Red Gum Honey
½ Cup Water
Optional: 5 Cinnamon Myrtle leaves

Dried citrus slice or a lemon zest twist

Coupe Glass Cocktail Shaker Glass Jar Strainer


  • Chill your coupe glass in the freezer while you prepare the cocktail.
  • Make the Honey Syrup by heating the water and cinnamon myrtle (optional). Cool slightly, add the honey and mix well. Place mixture into a glass jar.

Combine all ingredients in an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Shake and strain into a chilled coupe.


  • Make sure you use filtered water for your ice cubes.
  • The Honey Syrup can also be used in your warm non-alcoholic drinks like tea & chai!

About the NEO Gin
Last year Reed & Co Distillery released a passion project into the world NEO our final & best version of the Yuzu New World Gin that we first released in early 2019 as NE07.

What’s in a name?
The aptly named NE07 represented the location NE and the 07 botanicals it had featured.⁠ The visual play of NE07 had everyone calling it NEO…So NE07 was reborn as NEO or ‘North East Origin’ which is quite fitting for our new world gin.⁠ The following spirit lab release of NEO was so popular, that Reed & Co continued with development to match the bold new name. Time has been spent focused on refining the complex play of Japanese flavours we created in our New World gin. It is still NE at its core and profiling North East produce and botanicals - and ⁠it is our best!

NEO Gin Notes

  • 44%abv 700ml
  • Botanicals / Ingredients - Juniper, Yuzu, Shincha & Shiso.
  • Process - Elements are macerated for three days before being distilled with a combination of vapour-distilled botanicals.
  • Tasting Notes - Front bold yuzu, light floral juniper, followed by a deep citrus, with a long citrus and herbaceous green tea finish.
  • Drink Me - In addition to the Bee’s knees, Reed & Co NEO can be enjoyed as a Martini, Gin Sour, Tom Collins or Gimlet, or paired with Fever tree Mediterranean Tonic and basil or orange garnish,
  • During the cooler months try switching out your tonic for ginger beer and a slice of orange.

Find out more about Reed & Co Distillery.

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