Singing Magpie Success Story


I'd like to introduce you to Sue, from Singing Magpie Produce. She's pictured above on her 100 year old, family owned orchard in the Riverland, South Australia. In 2016, Sue decided to diversify the family farming business and launched her gourmet food business selling dried and chocolate-dipped fruit. Her incredible produce soon began winning awards!

In 2019, when BFTB launched Sue was facing drought conditions. At about that time, we featured her Giftbox on our Instagram account. Within a day or two she had sold half that year's harvest. She would message us with hourly updates, astounded at the sales that were flooding her inbox.


Her business has continued to grow despite the challenges of Covid and a personal health battle. Now 80% of her sales are online and Sue has become a major buyer of premium quality Riverland produce. Her supply chain consists of growers, pickers, transport and packaging service providers. Her success ripples through a number of businesses across the Riverland.

It’s this story of diversification, empowerment, investment and growth that embodies the Buy From The Bush movement. We believe that enabling talented women like Sue and investing in a small business like Singing Magpie can have a profound impact on the future of rural Australia.


Her supply chain consists of other local businesses such as fruit pickers, transport services and packaging goods, so the success of Sue’s business is collectively shared with other regional businesses.

We invite you to invest in this story too, by choosing to buy your gifts or corporate gifts with Buy From The Bush. There's over 170 business owners - just like Sue - who will benefit from your gift.

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