Warm Your Home Before Guests Arrive in 5 Quick Steps

Steph is a BFTB OG. She runs Salubrious Living from her farm near Narromine, NSW. Salubrious Living showcases a range of artisan wares and beautiful pieces for the home. With a focus on supporting small Australian businesses, sustainable brands and handcrafted goods. This Easter break, Steph shares her top tips for warming a house before guests arrive.

"Keep it simple. Natural materials, sustainable items and quality pieces will elevate any space, making your home feel calm and welcoming."

"Step 1 - Fresh flowers or greenery makes a space feel inviting as well as beautiful. Choose a quality ceramic vase or vessel to display your arrangements in."

"Step 2 - Prepare the guest bathroom by adding a luxurious soap & a fresh set of luxe towels."

"Step 3 - With the evenings becoming cooler, a lightweight throw over the couch makes for a cosy and welcoming feel."


"Step 4 - Light a candle. Aromatherapy candles provide a quality and beautiful scent. They leave the house smelling amazing without giving your guests a headache."

"Step 5 - A prepared nibble platter for when your guests first arrive is always a welcoming touch."

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