Dear Dad

Dear Dad

A letter to a Dad far away in QLD...Al Ruskin Rowe, from Team BFTB sends a message to her Dad for Father's Day.

Dear Dad,

Mum hogs the phone whenever I ring for a catch up, so it’s not often we have a good old D&M. And, usually at this time of year it is a few lines in a (often late) Father’s Day card, but in the current circumstances that feels distinctly light on. So here goes…

After a week of toiling through home school I have a new found appreciation for you, and growing up in a two teacher household. How you were a teacher by choice for 20 years blows my mind.

I often wondered why helping with homework was not your strong suit, and now I can see that after a day of teaching all you wanted was some time to yourself! Having said that, when it came to anything sports-related your enthusiasm and patience was never-ending.

Some of my fondest memories growing up revolve around sport and that is because of you.

You taught me how to pass a footy, body surf and to love sport.

Mum (a self-confessed ‘un-co’) would down tools on Saturday afternoon (code for clean the house) and you would take Pete and I in from the farm to town for tennis comp.

Once there, hours were spent sliding around on the sand courts imagining we were at Roland Garros. For a break, you and I would often sit down and watch the Winfield Cup in the tiny TV room with a hard-earned Passiona for me and a cup of tea and a scotch finger for you.

Saturday afternoons were our time.

You and I were always ‘QLD’ in the State of Origin and Mum and Pete ‘NSW’. You taught me to love the Maroons even though I was born and bred a Blue.

I wish that Anastacia would let me be a Queenslander for one day (any more than that and we’d drive each other mad) so we could have a hit of tennis and swim at the beach to celebrate Father’s Day this year. With 80 around the corner for you, I feel like we need to make the most of when we’re next back together.

I love and miss you every day.


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