Reasonably Good Damper

Reasonably Good Damper

If you are heading off on a road trip this long weekend, or lighting a back yard campfire go armed with this mouth-watering damper recipe...

10 Easy Steps
1. Pull out the biggest chopping board you have and rub some flour on it thinly
2. Grab 1kg of flour and pour as much as you want onto the middle of the chopping board and make a pile. (Half the flour will be enough for a few.. If you have more than a few use more flour)
3. Use your hands to mix in a pinch or two of salt. (Hint: Saltbush Kitchen Campfire Salt is the best!)
4. Make a whole in the middle of the flour and pour some mineral water or lemonade into it.
5. Roll up your sleeves and use your hands to roll and work the flour into a dough. Add more water and flour as you need.
6. When you think its right roll it into a ball, flatten it a bit and your good to cook.
7. If you are cooking on fire with a camp oven or tin… don’t put it on the coals put it right next to the hot coals and rotate the camp oven. It will take a bit longer but will avoid burning.
8. It should take 30 minutes or so but check it a couple of times.
9. Its ready when its golden and the outside is firm
10. Slice it up and serve with a shit load of butter and golden syrup. It’s perfect with a cuppa but ok with a beer too if you've earnt it!


This recipe was contributed by a modest Boorowa local, Justin Fleming. If it were our recipe, we'd have called it "Bloody Good Damper". Photography by Clancy Paine from Narromine...who's partial to a camp oven cook up too!

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