Autumn Rain

March 27, 2021
Autumn Rain

Tomorrow I'm meant to be on tuckshop. I have promised the kids a budget. And told them I'd make jelly cups. But it's wet. The front paddock resembles a vast northern territory water hole you would see on a Qantas ad. The creek behind the house is big and and beautiful (with a hint of threatening). On my way home from town yesterday, the road was a little too wet for comfort and I've decided that getting to town for tuckshop duty might be an impossibility.

God, it feels strange to be dealing with water again.

Elsewhere, vision of floating homes and drowning businesses. It's a heavy feeling. Hard to imagine the clean up. And then, the odd message on instagram reminding me that some are still waiting for rain. 

I often challenge my husband Jack to celebrate the wins in farming. Its not always easy. There's always a risk to manage, or more work to do. As if pausing to enjoy it might somehow jinx it.

And, in this year of back to back crises it can feel a little insensitive to celebrate the small stuff. Watching the destruction of the floods lays a heavy blanket on my mood. But as I look out at the flowing creek and the excitable birds it feels like a win worth pausing for. Despite the fact that it's too wet in some places and too dry in others, this patch of country getting watered seems like a gift.

So nomatter what comes next this season, tonight I'm celebrating...without a jelly cup in sight. 

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